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Sharp as Marbles

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Cast: Sean O. Roberts,Adam Gregory,Simeon Taole,Elizabeth Thai

Director(s): John Banovich

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2008

Rating: N/A

Albert isn't the brightest bulb on the block, but he's got his best friends George and Ernie to help him out. The only problem is they're just as dumb as he is. The trio constantly land way over their heads in a comical tale of the blind leading the blind.

Sharp as Marbles may not be the best or most original story there is but it's execution is nearly flawless. Now this is a low budget comedy which contains actors you may of never seen before but you will remember them after seeing this movie. The film can best be described as "Dumb and Dumber meets The Three Stooges", I have to tell you that sums this movie up perfectly with these three friends getting in one misadventure after the other. Once in a long while a movie comes along that really surprises you in a good way and this was one of them. I didn't know what to expect but to be honest I wasn't expecting much but what I found was a hilarious comedy the whole family can enjoy together. Besides the three friends you get to meet many other zany characters along the way, many of which are just as funny as the leads. I started laughing right from the start and there was very little down time all the way till the end which I must say was a perfect ending to a film filled with entertainment. Director John Banovich did a great job directing this little gem, his comic timing was flawless. If you love a good comedy Sharp as Marbles is the movie for you, it's a laugh-out-loud comedy that takes you back to the days when this type of film entertained the entire family without offending. Released by Maverick Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****