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Interstate 84

Drama/Mystery NR. When a body is found floating in an upstate New York river, hard-drinking cop Joe Weldon is left with few clues. After uncovering the man's identity—an enigmatic simpleton named Hap—Weldon is led to the crooked hustler (Kevin Dillion, TV's Entourage) who took advantage of Hap and the disturbed, young punk who tormented him. From Executive Producer Kevin Spacey, Interstate 84 is a gripping, densely layered tale of personal demons, shattered lives, and ultimate redemption. Interstate 84 makes it's DVD debut today since being released in 2000 and after watching it I was amazed at the fact this has gone along never noticed and I am sure very few have seen. This is one of those hidden gems, the one that sneaks up on you and after watching you sit there and say "Wow that was amazing" yes it's that good. First there's the cast and they do a great job bringing to life a character driven film including Kevin Dillon,John Littlefield and John Doman and hats off to director Ross Partridge for making such a smart film that never insults it's viewers. It's noteworthy to point out that Kevin Spacey was a Executive Producer on this film as well, I guess he had the same feelings about it as anyone that seen has. Own this dvd today you will not regret it. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****