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Army of The Dead

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Cast: Ross Kelly,Stephanie Marchese,Miguel Martinez,Mike Hatfield,Vic Browder

Director(s): Joseph Conti

Genre: Action/Adventure

Year: 2008

Rating: R

In 1590, Coronado dispatched a division of one thousand men to find El Dorado, the legendary city of gold. Those men were never seen again. While searching some Baja peninsula caves as part of an archaeological expedition, a university professor and his students unwittingly unleash a long dormant curse. They soon find themselves in a life or death battle with an army of skeletal warriors, the undead remnants of Coronado's conquistadors.

Call me a sucker for a good "B" movie like this but have to admit I really did enjoy this film. From the outside it may seem like a rip-off of the classic "Army of Darkness" but besides the skeletons it is a much different film with a completely different story. So it would not even be fair to compare the two but I can one that the skeletons in this film are CGI and are very well done I might add. The cast consists of unknowns but that's what you expect from a low-budget film such as this one but each and every actor I felt did a fine job at playing their roles. The story is pretty average, never to get excited over there but in a film such as this you are not really watching the movie for a story that inspires or anything. The CGI is used well and in all the right spots, the film-makers hide the skeletons in the beginning but once the film moves into present day they are revealed and are not only very cool looking but are also very impressive considering what they had to work with. If you like film's like "Tomb Raider" or the "Evil Dead" series you are going to want to check out this one. Army of The Dead, takes us back to the days when film's were made good by imagination and not by a huge budget, pick this CGI fun-fest up today. Released by Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****