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Cast: Jeff Rector,Christa Campbell,Martin Kove,Billy Drago,Fred Williamson

Director(s): Jeff Rector

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Year: 2008

Rating: R

Successful businessman Richard Clarke is bitten by a beautiful vampire and is plunged into the dark world of the supernatural. Richard very quickly realizes that being undead isn't all that it's cracked up to be and must fight for survival, when a militaristic team of Vampire Hunters, the S.T.A.K.E. Team, discover his existence. Barely surviving, Richard's presence is brought to the attention of The BLEEDERS, a savage underground gang of Vampires bent on survival at all costs. All Hell breaks loose as it turns into a war for survival and no one is taking any prisoners. Let the bloodbath begin!

I honestly cannot understand how so many people take films and judge them for something their not, I am not going to go into details but if you have read other reviews for the film you know what I am talking about. Anyway on to what I felt about Revamped, this is a spoof on the vampire genre, think Blade Trinity in comic mood. The plot is laid out for you above so I will not go any deeper into here but this is a straight forward story as it should be considering this is a comedy as much as it is a vampire film. The film was made on a low-budget but it looks pretty good and the acting for the most part was good enough to not get in the way of the movie. There's not a great deal of gore but I felt there was just enough and mixed with the humor the both worked well together. Speaking of the humor, it worked in spots and in other spots it kinda fell flat but I need get some smiles and several good laughs from the film which is about all you can ask for here. So I think Director Jeff Rector who co-wrote the film as well as stars as it's lead character did a very good job with the resources at hand, making the most of everything available to him and creating a entertaining film. Also keep your eyes peeled for some very cool cameos which to me was a highlight of the film also you gotta love any film that has the beautiful Christa Campbell in it and the always cool Billy Drago. If you like the spoof genre I recommend picking this title as I am sure you will find it to be as enjoyable as I did. Released by MTI Home Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****