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Crime Fiction

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Cast: Jonathan Eliot,Christian Stolte,Amy Sloan,Yasen Peyankov,Katrina Lenk

Director(s): Will Slocombe

Genre: Crime/Comedy

Year: 2007

Rating: NR

Crime novelist James Cooper is down on his luck. After the demise of his debut novel, “The Menses Construct,” he has been made a editor which is something that does not sit well with him. With a dreary life that seems destined to be stagnated, James cracks under the pressure of a nagging boss and the success of his girlfriend Hilary’s newly published memoir. James comes up with a idea, kill his girlfriend, bury her in the cornfield and write a novel about the gruesome events. What's amazing about this film is the fact that it started out as a project for students at the University of Chicago, Filmed on a shoe-string budget with not even any money to pay the crew they set out to make the film. They wanted to get a cast worth a project like this so they landed, Christian Stolte (“Death of a President”), Amy Sloan (“Gilmore Girls”), Steppenwolf company member Yasen Peyankov, Katrina Lenk (“According to Jim”), and in multiple roles, Dan Bakkedahl, now a regular on “The Daily Show.” The film came together and the movie had a run at the Slamdance festival in 2007 to great reviews and rightfully so. This shows that with the right talent and a bunch of people who all believe in one thing can make a low budget film and make it well, Crime Fiction is a fantastic piece of cinema and even more so considering the back-story to it all. It's suspenseful and funny but it's always entertaining and one worth picking up this week. I love to support Independent Cinema and watching a film like this reminds you of just how much fun a film can be when it's made with a lot of heart and not a lot of money. Released by Anthem Pictures. **** Out Of *****