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Company K

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Cast: Art Fliakos, Terry Serpico, Steve Cuiffo, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Joe Delafield, Hillary Keegan

Director(s): Robert Clem

Genre: Historical/War/Epic

Year: 2004

Rating: R

In a small American town in 1933, troubled WWI veteran Joe Delaney has just finished writing a book about his experience as a U.S. marine. How in the nightmare of war, each man is defined by singular moments in which his true character is revealed. Joe describes the German soldier who haunts his dreams, the camaraderie fused by fighting together and the reality of dying for your country.

William March wrote the novel and now years later Director Robert Clem brings it to life for all to not only enjoy but to feel the pain these soldiers on a war long forgotten about once felt. Joe Delaney who is trying to write a book about his experiences during WWI. While writing about the others soldiers in his company, he remembers each of them through a specific incident that each was involved in. Te film is not your typical war movie but I think it's what makes it stand out from all the others. The film focuses on different men in the Company K, you do have some excellent battle scenes but it's the individual stories that not only make up the whole experience but also provide us with the connection we have to all the different characters and what they went through on and off the battle field. This has to be the most "Human" of war stories I have seen, the film plays out in a documentary style which really draws you to it's characters and make you feel and care about them all and isn't that what great cinema is all about? I cannot praise Robert Clem enough for bringing this classic novel to life in a way that touches anyone that has to pleasure of seeing it. I must say I watched this film twice because the a movie that deserve multiple viewings, fan's of war film's as well as anyone that has ever served in our armed services will enjoy this breath-taking tale. A gripping and moving film that is sure to follow in the novel's footsteps as an American classic. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****