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Pastor Jones: Samuel and Delia

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Cast: Roderick McCarthy, Jameelah McMillan

Director(s): Jean Claude LaMarre, Kenneth Johnson

Genre: Christian/Faith/Drama

Year: 2008

Rating: Unrated

The Bible story of Samuel & Delia is brought to life in this modern tale of love and deception. Samuel a charming pastor with his trademark beautiful hair is about to discover the true meaning of faith prayer and forgiveness the hard way.

Delia Phillips is a young wealthy widow and a member of a Girls Club that conspires to ruin men's lives. She accepts a bet to lure Samuel into her favor and lead him by his nose to a barbershop. Samuel & Delia are about to reconnect with their community roots and touch the lives of those in real need of spiritual help. In the end, love rules and Samuel regains his church and a whole lot more.

This is another in the "Pastor Jones" series of movies about faith and this time around it focuses on a charming and good looking young Pastor that is losing his way. But by some fate and help from a woman that vows to take him down he begins a journey of self healing. I found this to be an entertaining film as well as one that makes you think about your own life and they path you may be leading. The film preaches the good word while keeping it moving at a good pace and teaching it with a story that is also interesting so the viewer doesn't drown in the message but still gets it in the end. The cast here was very good for the most part and each actor played a believable character that you can feel for which is very important in a film such as this. If you have seen any of the other films in this series of movies and enjoyed them or just want to see something with a bit more meaning than they normal titles out today then pick this title up today, I found myself feeling pretty good after this was all said and done. Released by Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****