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God and Gays: Bridging the Gap

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Cast: Rev. Deborah Johnson, Mel White, Jason Stuart, Mary Lou Wallner

Director(s): Luane Beck

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2006

Rating: N/A

The film explores the struggle between sexuality and spirituality. Here's a look at the Catholic Church and the Gay community and we get many answers and questions as to why one must choose either to be a believer in God. The film follows the experiences of 10 gay teenagers as they attend the first overnight Bible camp for LGBT teens in Minnesota, each with their own set of problems as well as beliefs and how they connect to each other while spending this week long camp. I found this young group of people to be amazing, their video diaries really opens your eyes to what's going on today and other situations in the film also show that under all this controversy these all still just every day teenagers which really brings it all down to earth. Personally I feel everyone should be able to live their lives they way the choose and to be pushed away by others for who they are is wrong, I would of hoped that by now we were over all that. God and Gays is a eye-opening film but it's much more as well. It's educates us, it hopefully helps us show our own compassion as well as inspiring us. The film is also funny at times as well but.mainly it is a film that is as important as it is entertaining. Credit goes out to Director Luane Beck for taking on such an important issue in society today. Your own beliefs are up to you but in today's society the pressure on our young is very high and seeing this film just might save lives as I think everyone should see this film and afterwards you might just have a change of heart. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****