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When I find the Ocean

Cast: Lily Matland Holly, Diane Ladd, Lee Majors, Graham Greene, Richard Tyson, Bernie Casey, Amy Redford, George Lindsey, and David Fralick

Director(s): Tonya S. Holly

Genre: Drama/Family

Year: 2006

Rating: PG

12 year old Lily Strickland has lost her father, a sailor, to the sea. She and her mother go to live with her grandparents. Lily and her family have little closure on the death of her father since he was never found, thus Lily sets out alone on a trek to the ocean to find the closure that she needs to heal her loss. Set in 1965 Alabama, during the Civil Rights marches.

When I find the Ocean is a film that deals with many real-life issues that still remain today even if the film is set in 1965. It deals with a young girl trying to face the loss of her father who was lost at sea and the young girl never has gotten the closure she desperately needs. Also the film deals with racial issues as well, some of which like i said still remain today. The cast if terrific, this is a film that not only relies on a great story to carry it but it also relies heavily on it's cast as they are the main focus. You really feel for and care about what happens to Lily and her family and you just love hating Richard Tyson's character is the soon to be new husband of her mom's and a man that the mother really doesn't know. The scenery is breath-taking and the musical score is a triumph, it sends chills through you. I must give credit here to Director Tonya S. Holly, this is not only her film time behind the camera but she also wrote the story which she drew from her own life. The film is so personal that she selected many family members to be part of the cast, her own daughter plays the lead role as Lilly. If your looking for a action film look elsewhere because this isn't it but if you looking for a drama with great family values that the entire family can enjoy together then this is the movie. When I find the Ocean is a touching, sad and heart-warming tale of a young girls quest to find peace and one I highly recommend. The release date is still unknown but check back here for both that and a cover-art soon. Released by Monterey Media. **** Out Of *****