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Hunting Creatures

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Cast: Christian Bätge,Christian Engelmann,Boris Hansmann,Oliver Kellisch,Andreas Pape

Director(s): Oliver Kellisch,Andreas Pape

Genre: Horror

Year: 2004

Rating: NR

A late night rave party turns deadly when leaks pipes from dangerous experiments are turning the citizens of a small town into dangerous creatures or rather zombies. Some gangsters, which have nothing to do with the experiments, are fighting against them.

Perfect Creatures is a German gore film and most all of these are very low budget films so let's get that out of the way so we can focus on the film for what it is. One thing I noticed about this film compared to other German movies like it is this one does not have to comic side to it, instead they decided to play this one out in a more serious tone and for that reason alone this is a much better film. For the budget which had to be very low the production is is pretty solid, from the direction to the cast and the sets are well done. The FX are well done here as well considering what they had to work with and they last part of the movie is where you get to his most of the gore. The film is entertaining and fans of zombie movies will surely want to check this movie it when it comes to DVD on March 11. If your looking for some big Hollywood production look elsewhere but if you love cinema and can appreciate a film for what it is then pick Hunting Creatures up, it's a bloody good time. Released by TLA Rleasing. *** Out Of *****