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Hell's Ground

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Cast: Ashfaq Bhatti,Sultan Billa,Osman Khalid Butt,Rubya Chaudhry,Rooshanie Ejaz

Director(s): Omar Khan

Genre: Horror

Year: 2007

Rating: NR

On their way to a concert, a group of teens are diverted by a political protest, only to encounter a family of flesh-hungry psychopaths and a crazed killer swinging a big spiked ball.

There's a number of firsts here, one this is Pakistan's first horror film, secondly this is Omar Khan's first shot at directing and also most of the young kids in this never have never acted before. I know what your thinking, "This must really be bad", well surprise that it isn't. In fact I found this to be predictable but entertaining as well with lots of cool characters and situations happening. Hell's Ground took me back to all the B-movie classics's of the 70's, the kind that had you laughing out loud one minute and covering your eyes the next and who can complain about a movie with not only zombies in it but a insane killer as well on the loose. I can't say what the budget for this was but as you might expect I am sure it was very low and still Director Omar Khan did an excellent job with his young cast who considering they had no experience before did a fine job. Khan also did a great job mixing some good humor, some intentional and some not with some great gore, the effects here are great considering again what the had to work with. Hell's Ground is a horror fan's dream, there's enough blood to fill out two movies and a great mix of slasher and zombies that combined make this one fun ride and a film no fan of the genre should miss. I hope they can do a sequel to this because if this was a taste of what's to come from Pakistan cinema we are in for some highly entertaining films in the future. The DVD release date is June 24. Released by TLA Releasing. **** Out Of *****