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War of The Worlds 2: The Next Wave

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Cast: C. Thomas Howell, Christopher "Kid" Reid, Kim Little

Director(s): C. Thomas Howell

Genre: Sci-Fi

Year: 2008

Rating: NR

It's been two years since the first attack and the people that remain are trying to rebuild what is left of the earth and their lives but the aliens have returned, looking to finish the job they started and take over the earth and destroy the rest of humanity.

I do not think you will get much of an argument that The Asylum's version of "War of The Worlds" was their best film to date which is why I suppose it was a no-brainer to do a sequel. In a story such as this it does seem possible to do sequels as the different type of plot angles you could come up with seem endless. So as a fan of the first installment I was looking forward to this one and hoping that it was at least close to being as good. C. Thomas Howell returns to his lead role but this time he is also behind the camera as well. The film also star's Christopher "Kid" Reid who adds some much needed comedy along the way. One highlight in the cast to me was the son of Howell's that makes his return role as well, this kid really shows some great acting ability and I look forward to seeing him in more projects. The movie itself I felt was a good sequel, I liked the way the branched out from the original story of doing battle at home and took the plot to new heights you might say. The effects again are very good for the budget and the never over did it with them. If you liked the first installment then I am sure you will also enjoy this one as well, the story a little more complex but I felt it was a fantastic idea for a sequel and credit has to go to Steve Bevilacqua to writing the story. Also let's not forget to give credit to Mr. Howell who did a great job at directing this film, you have to remember these movies are shot on a very limited budget so time is important which is why I can appreciate a film such as this. The DVD comes with Bonus Features that include:

Behind the New Wave which gives you a look at what it took to put this film together

The Magic behind C. Thomas Howell which is a funny piece showing him doing some of magic tricks on set, he seems to be pretty darn good at it as well. I think this was a worthy sequel that stood on it's own very well and was very entertaining so I recommend picking this one up if you seen the first one or are just a fan of Sci-Fi in general. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****