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Love or Money

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Cast: Steven Duffy,Emma Cunniffe

Director(s): Martyn Friend

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Year: 2001

Rating: NR

Two young, beautiful people, Daniel and Samantha, are selected in a television show to marry. They have never seen each other ever. After the wedding ceremony took place on television, it really starts. To collect the price money of one million pounds, they have to stay together for six months but in the end will they stay for the love or for the money?

I was really impressed with this sweet story, sure it's a simple idea but it works because of the wonderful writing and the cast is just charming. Many of you out there may never of heard of this movie but given the chance I think you will enjoy the film's honest look at love and in a lot of ways many elements here can play into real life. The cast for many will be unknown but don't be fooled the two leads, Steven Duffy and Emma Cunniffe are fantastic and they like they have been in many films together their chemistry is that good. They story is simple, a couple is thrown together in marriage on a game show with the chance to win big money if they can keep it all together for six months. I take it that can be a hard task if you just met the person but that's were the story gets both interesting and heart-warming as well. Love or Money is a light-hearted love story and doesn't make you think much but it does bring a smile to your face making for an entertaining film for any fan of the genre. Love can be a strange and wonderful thing and this film shows it's power and what some will do to have that one true love. Released by BFS Entertainment. **** Out Of *****