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Kiss and Tell

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Cast: Daniel Craig, Rosie Rowell, Peter Howitt, Ralph Ineson, David Bradley

Director(s): David Richards


Year: 1996

Rating: NR

In this gripping thriller, young undercover policewoman Jude (Rosie Rowell Soldier Soldier) poses as a lonely heart to entice a confession from a man the police believe murdered his wife. Jude finds herself becoming attracted to her quarry and ultimately doubting whether he could have killed his wife. Her own relationship with one of her supervising officers (Daniel Craig Casino Royale) clouds her judgment and the difference between reality and fiction is blurred. With frantic searches and striking new evidence, it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

This 1996 made-for-TV British film i2 a taut, well constructed mystery that grabs your attention from it's opening frames and has you hooked till the very end. The film has a British cast but everyone will know a younger Daniel Craig from his role as "James Bond", he like the rest of the cast members is very good here . The performances here are sharp but it's the story and direction that really makes this film work as well as it does. Kiss and Tell is a mystery that keeps you guessing, it's a clever and tense thriller that has just the right amount of suspense and drama to please any fan. I found this to be one of those hidden gems that most creeps up on you and makes for a highly entertaining movie. There's certainly a lot to like here so if your a fan of a good mystery I suggest you hunt this title down, it will be worth it. Released by BFS Entertainment. **** Out Of *****