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The Girl Next Door

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Cast: Stacy Valentine,Jack Gallagher,Russell Hampshire,Veronica Hart

Director(s): Christine Fugate

Genre: Documentary/Adult

Year: 1999

Rating: NR

A documentary about the rise to fame of adult movie star Stacy Valentine. Starting out as an under-confident woman pushed into entering a Hustler Magazine contest by her domineering husband, Stacy quickly became more sure of herself after winning the contest, dumping the husband, and embarking upon a remarkably successful career in the unconventional field of hardcore porn movies. Although having attained a fair measure of success, her life is still not without disappointements, as her past has made it difficult for her to drop her emotional barriers and share a completely trusting relationship with others.

Adopted at birth, Stacey Baker lived a normal life growing up, was never abused and grew up wanting what most young women wanted, to get married and be a good wife to her husband. But her husband's sexual fantasies soon would show as he forced her to get breast implants and pose for nude photos. This was the start, of what was to soon become a successful career in the porn industry. I have to say that I wasn't really expecting a lot from the film but what I found was a smart and really an amazing look inside the life of this famous porn star during her highest moments and after it was all over. This seemed to at least break the myth that all women get into pron for the money, as Stacy says here that she was in it for the sex more so and never dated cause she got all the sex she needed at work. The film is of course in the adult arena but I liked it's class in editing certain scenes so they were not over explicit. There's a lot to the story here that I will not get into so not to spoil it but certain parts amazed me well others made me feel sorry for what seemed like a woman with self-esteem problems who was forced into a industry she as a naive young woman from Tulsa knew nothing about. I also loved her being upfront on everything and how her family stuck behind her no matter what, it was inspiring. If you enjoy a good documentary I suggest you pick this title up today as it's well worth the watch not only to get a look at the crazy industry but also to see how a woman you have living next door to you enter a life-style so extreme and how she became the best in what she did. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****