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E.S.L.:English as a Second Language

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Cast:Kuno Becker and Danielle Camastra

Director(s): A.Y. Dexter Delara

Genre: Drama

Year: 2005

Rating: R

Bolivar De La Cruz, with a baby on the way, has just made the treacherous journey over the border from Mexico to Los Angeles, California, home of the beautiful and restless Lola Sara, whose parents made the same journey some twenty years ago. Now two people from very different sides of the same culture find themselves on a collision course with the events that will change their lives forever.

E.S.L. is a timely film that I believe will be grabbed up for it's subject matter alone. We follow the changing life of illegal immigrant Bolivar who soon finds profitable work as a male stripper, yet covers up his feelings of alienation and loneliness by spending money. We also see the changes of spoiled party girl Lola who is dealing with her parents pressure by living a reckless lifestyle. A crisis causes their lives to cross paths and from there they build a friendship. The acting of Kuno Becker and Danielle Camastra are worth watching this alone but the film also tells a very good story on the problems of immigration in this country as well, it is surely a eye-opener. This is a thought-provoking film that pulls at the heart strings, a must see for any fan of drama. E.S.L is director's A.Y. Dexter Delara first time at directing and he has done a terrific job creating a powerful and important film. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****