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The Stranger beside Me

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Drama/Thriller NR. When Jennifer marries Chris, it seems she can finally let go of her tragic past. But behind the perfect facade lies a violent, possessive dark side--and a past filled with secrets. As she begins to suspect his involvement with a string of rapes, Jennifer sets out to expose the horrifying truth about her husband...before he strikes again. This 1995 made for tv movie based on true events is alot like most, tortured wife,crazy husband theme but because of the writing and direction this one was better than most in it's genre. Tiffani Thiessen was fantastic as the unsuspecting wife and Eric Close was also great as the husband with a dark secret. The film has great pace and is well-written with great suspense that keeps you glued to the tv till the final scene. If you enjoy the genre I recommend you pick this title up today. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****