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Route 66:Season One Volume Two

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Cast: George Maharis

Director(s): Arthur Hiller, George Sherman


Year: 1960

Rating: NR

This is the second half of season one of Route 66, together the all 30 episodes split into 15 for each half of the season. We are all lucky to have this great series on DVD even though the first half seemed to suffer a bit on it's transfer but I am grateful to have this released. The second half of the first season comes to DVD this week and it comes packed with more classic Episodes. Route 66 is a series that is loved by many and is as popular today as it was the first time it aired. In the second half of the series you begin to see more of a character driven show with all the characters taking my on more depth. The show at this point was really starting to hit it's stride. Some of the highlight episodes here were:

"Fly Away Home", an epic two-parter in which Tod and Buz become involved in the life of a fatalistic Phoenix cropdusting pilot (played by Micheal Rennie) in an outstanding, moving and poignant story.

"Like a Motherless Child", Tod and Buz split up after an argument and orphan Buz later becomes drawn into the life of a lonely elderly woman who previously gave up her own child.

"Most Vanquished Most Victorious", in which Tod searches for his missing cousin in the slums of L.A. and must confront not only the squalor and cheapness of life there but also the darkness in his own heart.

"Incident on a Bridge", the season finale, a most unusual love story set against the backdrop of blue-collar Cleveland, involving a physical freak and a mute, cowed servant girl.

The wait is over to own the whole first season of this classic series. Released by Roxbury Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****