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Bob The Builder On Site: Roads and Bridges

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Genre: Kids

Year: 2008

Rating: G

Join Bob and his crew as they as they take us to a live construction site. See how the dig, mix and all they all work together to build our roads and bridges.

Bob the Builder is not only a joy for kids but it is praised by parents worldwide not only for it's entertainment values but it's educational ones as well. "Roads and Bridges" is making it's debut on DVD this week and not only does it make a great gift but it is a great learning experience as well. I was amazed at just how much I learned from watching this, I admit I am not a construction worker but it was really interesting as well as fun watching as Bob and his Can-Do Crew help take us on a step by step course on how our roads and bridges are built. Plus for the kids it's a joy a minute as the can sing along with the catchy tune "How Do You Do It”. Kid's titles are always welcomed and in my opinion they are not as abundant as they should be. But this title is extra special with it's blend of education and fun that will amaze both children and adults. I must own for all parents. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****