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8 of Diamonds

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Cast: Eric Roberts,Donald Gibb,Tim Kazurinsky,Dan Flannery

Director(s): Scott Prestin


Year: 2006

Rating: N/A

When three thieves fail in stealing a rare diamond they get into more trouble than they could of ever imagined. Now the hunt is on for flawless stone and no one is safe and are bets are off.

I was looking forward to sitting down to this title because of Eric Roberts and I was not disappointed by his performance at all. He is perfect as a cool yet very sneaky pawn in a game that has many pieces. I thought the entire cast was excellent for that matter and the direction as fast paced keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time wondering what will happen next. The twists in this film seem non-stop, just when you think you might of figured something out the director sends you in another direction which makes for a fun and highly entertaining film. There's not much original here, the heist genre is one that has been done over and over but what set this film apart was a number of things, one being the clever script that really brought life to a story that could of easily been average at best. Secondly, the film itself looks very good for what is a low-budget Independent film, everything from the lighting to the camera work is all spot on. As mentioned above the film is filled with plot twists but it also contains enough action and blood along with some nice humor along the way to fill two films out. 8 of Diamonds is a little film with bigger than it should be because of everything and everyone involved in this project. Fan's of the genre are going to want to pick this title up today. Released by Maverick Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****