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Blonde and Blonder

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Cast: Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards, John Farley, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Byron Mann, Meghan Ory

Director(s): Dean Hamilton


Year: 2007

Rating: PG-13

A comic romp about two blonde bombshells (Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards) in the wrong place at the right time. After accidentally witnessing a mob hit, the gals are mistaken for assassins by two mafia men working for “The Godfather.” Thinking the dim-witted duo are the world’s best killers-for hire, the mobsters offer them a huge payout to “take out” Mr. Wong, the head of the Chinese mafia. The clueless cuties happily accept the assignment, embarking on a wild adventure that takes them from Niagara Falls to Las Vegas – all while trying to dodge assorted federal agents, mafia and killers.

It always amazes me when I film such as this one is released to the many people talking about it being corny, bad ect., I suppose these are all the same people that called "Dumb and Dumber" dumb. Anyway I wasn't expecting anything life changing here but I was expecting a light-hearting comedy with a few good laughs along the way and that's what I got and a little more. I thought Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards did a fine job here and the rest of the cast also played their roles very well. This is certainly a no-brainer and this kind of movie has been done before like stated above but I liked the way this was executed and found maybe of the jokes and pranks to be very funny without getting tiresome. Another part I liked was the whole assassin set-up being a woman with black hair making it opposite of our two blondes. This was a surprisingly good movie with good acting and timing that doesn't play on sex to get it's from which is something they could of easily done as let's give them credit for that. If you like the star's or are just a fan of comedy I recommend picking this title up as I think you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was. Released by First Look Studios. *** 1/2 Out Of *****