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Monster:Uncensored Version

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Cast: Sarah Lieving,Erin Sullivan

Director(s): Erik Estenberg


Year: 2008

Rating: Uncensored Version

In 2005 two American Journalists and sisters travel to Japan to do a story on Global Warming but while trying to get their story the area is hit by an earthquake. Now the sisters are in a struggle to survive but what they will discover as the true nature of all the destruction will be even more terrifying.

Ok like always let me just tell people that it's time to get over the old "Asylum rip-offs" thing and move on to something a bit more creative, like looking at their movies for what they are and not comparing them to big Hollywood budget films. Yes this is similar to "Cloverfield" but it can't be a rip-off cause o one knew what the other was really about till the film opened so let's put that to rest. Now as far as "first person" movies go I can say I was never a big fan of such a film going back to "Blair Witch" but I not only support The Asylum's films but I also enjoy them as well so I was looking forward to seeing this. The film was shot in a very realistic way, putting you right in the middle of not only the mayhem that is happening but in the confusion as well. The bad camera feed, blackouts only add to the over-all sense of dread the girls are up against. The creature is not seen very much during the film but I do not think that's because of the budget as much as it being on purpose. I film is about an attack yes but the true story here is about the two sisters and their battle to survive in a city torn to pieces and in total chaos. The leading actresses, Sarah Lieving and Erin Sullivan did a fantastic job at their roles and making them very believable. I cannot say enough about Sarah Lieving except I wish I could see her in more films, this woman is a perfect example of natural beauty and is just as talented as well. The production was done well and the support cast was good as well but the story is centered on the two sisters and their performances and chemistry is what drives this film. I have seen better Asylum movies but I have seen worse as well and for what they were trying to do here they did it pretty well. I suggest picking this up if you are into monster films or "first person" type movies. The Asylum has made another entertaining film, not with a huge budget but with talent and a lot of heart. I recommend giving this a try today. Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****