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L.A. Twister

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Cast: Zack Ward,Tony Daly,Jennifer Aspen,Susan Blakely

Director(s): Sven Pape


Year: 2004

Rating: R

Friends Lenny and Ethan both share the same dream, to become famous. Ethan decided to come to L.A. after his wife left him, so he packed up and decided to spend some time with Lenny. Once together they decide that their only way to hit the big time is to make their own movie together.

Let's face it we all have had a dream of making it big in Hollywood, that's part of what is so appealing about the lead characters and the film in general. This is Independent film at it's best, Director Sven Pape really has topped himself here and it makes you very eager to see what he has coming out in the future here. Th film has a great title because that's what you get here, a film that has you thinking one thing and all of a sudden it reveals a whole different result, there's tons of great twists as the movie goes along which makes it so entertaining. The cast could not of been better, the two lead actors, Zack Ward and Tony Daly had great chemistry together and played their roles out like it was a role they were born to play and supporting cast was just as terrific as well. If you are like me and get tired of the same old big budget crap coming out of Tinseltown today then I recommend picking this movie up as it's sheer delight. L.A. Twister is a clever,emotional and very funny film that really entertains. A Comedic, Indie Masterpiece that delivers on all fronts. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****