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King of California

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Cast: Michael Douglas, Evan Rachel Wood

Director(s): Michael Cahill


Year: 2007

Rating: PG-13

After spending several years in a mental institute Charlie (Michael Douglas) is sent home, reuniting with his teenage daughter Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood). Charlie becomes obsessed with the notion that a long-lost Spanish treasure is buried underneath their local suburban California Costco. Disconnected from reality and his daughter's life, Charlie's erratic behavior further strains their relationship and completely disrupts her peaceful existence. Initially skeptical, Miranda soon finds herself joining in Charlie’s questionable antics in an effort to believe in her father and give him one last shot at accomplishing his dreams in this darkly funny, exciting and surprisingly hopeful take on the modern family and the American dream.

From the filmmakers that brought you "Sideways" comes another film very similar in some ways yet I felt this one was much more delightful. I have not seen Michael Douglas any better, his role as Charlie and is funny and he's even a bit charming in a strange kinda way. Evan Rachel Wood is also fantastic here as his young daughter who had to survive in a grown-ups world while her father was away but seems to find life a lot harder now that he is home. Her role is a key element to the film as it centers on her and she is even used as the film's narrative but Evan really pulls if off, I can see her acting really taking off compared to a few films ago. The film is subtle, funny and has just the right amount of action as well to make this one for everyone. KOC is one of those movies that injects hope again for modern cinema and is one of those that not only entertains you but makes you think long after it's over. Even the ending I felt was perfect, it makes you think and come up with your own thoughts on what just happened, a rarity today to have to think much at all. I must give credit to all involved in this film for making such a rare gem that can be enjoyed over and over again. One thing that is sadly disappointing is the fact that Michael Douglas got over-looked when it came time to announce the Oscar nominations. I have not seen him act this well since "Wonder Boys". Released by First Look Media. ***** Out Of *****