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The Comebacks Unrated

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Cast: David Koechner,Carl Weathers,Melora Hardin,Matthew Lawrence,Brooke Nevin,Nick Searcy,George Back

Director(s): Tim Brady


Year: 2007

Rating: Unrated

After decades of coaching travesties, Lambeau Fields (David Koechner) has been offered a football slot at Heartland University. Assembling a ragtag group of kids to play for him, Fields takes the squad and teaches them the basics of inspirational sports movies, along with the requirements that their grades must be atrocious and their drinking out of control. Spending the season trying to shape these losers into a winning team, Lambeau finds his greatest challenge is to beat his old assistant coach (Carl Weathers) at the 2nd Annual Toilet Bowl.

Goin back to the original "Scary Movie" and the more recent spoof movie "Epic Movie" we all know by now that these can either be hilarious or bad beyond description. When I seen The Comebacks in theaters I felt it was ok at best, there was some funny parts but I felt that it's rating really held the movie back from displaying it's true,crude humor. But now thanks to DVD you can see the movie in it's unrated version and to me it was a much funnier film because of it. David Koechner is a very funny comic and he is one of the main reasons to see this film, his role as the head coach is played out perfectly, he seems born to play these roles as a dumb,clueless person that cant see pasted his nose, he is a funny guy. The young supporting cast of zany characters is also very good, love this movie or hate it you can tell the cast had a good time in making it and for that I think it also made for a must more entertaining movie then it might of been otherwise. This was no masterpiece now but it was a much better film than "Epic Movie" and I enjoyed alot of the spoofing like the Radio parody "ipod", Coach Carter, Friday Night Lights, Blue Crush, Dodgeball, Seabiscuit, Bend it like Beckham, so over-all I got some good laughs from this and think any fan of comedy will enjoy it as well. The DVD is loaded with special features that include:

Unrated DVD:

Commentary by director Tom Brady

On The Bench deleted scenes


Coach Koechner

Million Dollar Booty

The Karaoke Kid

Heartland Hotties vs. Lone Star Naughties

A Laugh of Their Own

Razor Blades of Glory

The Mighty Dicks (Andy Dick outtakes)

Theatrical Rated Version:

Fox Movie Channel Presents “In Character with David Koechner”

Varsity Black N’ Blues behind-the-scenes featurette

Fox Atomic viral videos

Fake Product Endorsements

Beyond the Legacy

Ode To Namath

Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.*** 1/2 Out Of *****