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Emerald Cowboy

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Cast: Eishy Hayata,Eva Hayata,Lucho Velasco,Juan Pablo Shuk

Director(s): Andrew Molina


Year: 2002

Rating: R

This is the true story of the rise of a Japanese businessman from Los Angeles named Eishy Hayata from an Airline engineer into the legend of the Emerald world -- the Emerald Cowboy. He moved to Columbia in the 70's and with six guns at his side fought his way to the top by 2000.

Eishy Hayata was born in Tokyo and raised in Los Angeles. In the 1970's he traveled to Colombia and after arriving he seen that people sell emeralds right out in the open, so he gave up his job in L.A. and began to buy these off anyone he could and 25 years later he became the head of the largest emerald company there. This might sound like a fairy tale but in fact it's not only true but also there was nothing safe about the life he choose. Guns ruled the land and people were shot dead right on the street, to survive in such a hostile land as long as he did was amazing. The acting in some of this film was very weak but to me that didn't effect the story here, I found this to be fascinating as it tells a story about this world of corruption that not many people even knew existed. The film mixes real acting with some real footage that I felt gave the film a quality it might not have gotten other wise. For whatever reason you might love or hate this film there's no denying that this film was not only eye-opening but it's captivating as well. A rare film that's just not be missed if only for it's amazing story. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****