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Saving Sarah Cain

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Cast: Cast:Lisa Pepper,Abigail Mason,Soren Fulton,Danielle Chuchran,Elliott Gould

Producer(s):Brian Bird,Robert Gros,Michael Landon Jr.

Director(s): Michael Landon Jr


Year: 2007

Rating: PG

When her Amish sister dies, Sarah (Lisa Pepper, What About Brian) is forced to question her priorities. Should she move to Pennsylvania where the children feel safe within their Amish community, or should she relocate them to Oregon where she has a successful career as a newspaper columnist? Presuming that the children are more adaptable than she is, Sarah opts for the latter and gives it a shot at making the kids feel at home. But the five orphans have a difficult time trying to fit in to the modern world. They also are still grieving the loss of their mother, whose ways were much different than that of their more abrupt aunt.

Saving Sarah is a film about Cultural barriers, about people trying to fit into a society they have no clue about which makes it very hard and even more so when it's just children. Michael Landon Jr. has none many film's now dealing with family issues but I don't thing I seen one the reminded more of his father's work, this film is about as close to that as you are going to get. A simple film, predictable but yet gentle in it's story-telling making it not only a easy film to watch but one the entire family can enjoy together. The film is beautiful to look at and the shot of Amish families were a highlight of the film for me, too bad they were not some how incorporated more into the film. I found the film to be well-written for the most part, you have to remember here that this is intended to be a feel good movie and based on the story of the best selling Novelist Beverly Lewis. So fan's of her work will love this film. Saving Sarah is a film about real-life and how we deal with situations as well as being about family and just how important it is. The film also has a marvelous cast including, Lisa Pepper,Abigail Mason,Soren Fulton,Danielle Chuchran and Elliott Gould who brings the to the film that veteran star-power that he brings to every movie he's in. In the times we live in today it's nice to sit down to a film with not only a good message but one that is aimed to give joy to the entire family. The DVD contains the bonus features:

Making Of Featurette

Deleted Scenes

Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****