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Wedding Daze

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Cast: Jason Biggs,Audra Blaser,Isla Fisher,Joe Pantoliano

Director(s): Michael Ian Black


Year: 2008

Rating: R

Anderson is about to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage, dressed as cupid in a public place in front of lots of people. The excitement is too much for her and she drops over dead. Now Anderson feels he will never find true love again but his best friend tells him he got to move on so taking his advise he proposes to a young waitress at the diner they are at and with herself being in a kind of life crisis she excepts. But can these two very different people find true love?

When the first scene in the movie shows Jason Biggs in a cupid outfit you think to yourself, here comes another "American Pie", but thankfully Wedding Daze is nothing like it and is a very good romantic comedy. Wedding has some great writing as well as directing going on here, the movie has lots of twists and turns and make for some very hilarious scenes, also there is a nice touch on that subtle humor that just adds a nice charm to the film that you will not get in any "teen" comedy. The ensemble cast is excellent, Jason Biggs is fantastic and seems to be a much more mature acting now and the chemistry between him and his new girlfriend played by Isla Fisher. Also Joe Pantoliano's role as a Buddhist prison inmate and father of the bride is hilarious. Your not going to find a life changing movie here but if you looking for a light-hearted and very clever funny film with some good romance then Wedding Daze is your film. Well-written, flawlessly directed and and great ensemble cast make this film a winner. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****