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Red Mercury

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Crime/Thriller NR. Fleeing the authorities, three desperate members of a terrorist cell take over a swank London restaurant and hold the unsuspecting occupants hostage, placing restaurant owner Penelope (Stockard Channing) at the heart of a deadly standoff between disorganized terrorists and an overzealous police squad. Originally released in the UK first this thriller I am sure hits home for everyone considering the state of our world in the last few years. The film is packed with some great actors including Stockard Channing and Ron Silver to name a few but the entire cast was all excellent. Also Director Roy Battersby did a fantastic job on the film, setting up both the terrorists and the hostages whit a little background on each so we can relate to them more. The film itself is tense and keeps you glued to your seat as you wait for questions to be answered as the tension builds. I recommend this to fan's of the genre or TV shows such as "24". Released by MTI Video. **** Out Of *****