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Killer Diller

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Cast: Cast:William Lee Scott, Lucas Black, W. Earl Brown, Robert Wisdom, Mary Kay Place, Taj Mahal, Ronreaco Lee, Ashley Johnson, Davenia McFadden, Niki J. Crawford, John Michael Higgins, Fred Willard

Producer(s):Jason Clark, Cary McNair, Steve Espinosa

Director(s): Tricia Brock

Drama / Music

Year: 2004

Rating: PG-13

Wesley, a guitar playing car thief, is sent to a half way house which is better then spending time in jail but when he learns the musical group they have there only plays hymns he is not very happy. One day he meets Vernon, a local boy who has autism but also has a talent for playing the piano. Together they set out to change the band into a rocking blues group called "Killer Diller"

I wasn't expecting much from this movie to tell you the truth but when I decided to sit down and watch it I was surprised to find a film filled with so many good things. First the cast, William Lee Scott as Wesley and Lucas Black as Vernon both hit their roles right on the head here, their chemistry is so good together that the bond their two characters make is very realistic even if they are very different in many ways. Their friendship gave Wesley a chance to do something right instead of all the trouble he has been in before. Black's role as the young man with autism I found to be excellent, I'm not an expert on the field of autism but for the most part it seemed pretty believable and Black did a great job with his character. Also Fred Willard as Ned, the man that runs the half way house is very good as well and adds some star quality to the film as well. The film relays some good messages and lessons are learned by at it's heart the film is all about the music and what a soundtrack this is. Director Tricia Brock got the blues, by bringing in real blues men like Keb Mo' and Tree Adams to work the soundtrack and to work with the Killer Diller Blues Band and boy did it may off, you know your having fun when your toes began tapping, outstanding music here. Killer Diller is a film for the entire family, it has many elements to it that will appeal to just about everyone. I don't know why it took this long for this movie to make it's way to DVD but I am glad I had the chance to not only review it but to it back and enjoy a film that not only entertains but touches the audience as well. The DVD is bare bones but it's worth buying just for the movie alone, I'm sure you will as much enjoyment out of this movie as I did. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****