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Cold Heart Canyon

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Cast: Cast:Aubrey Caldwell,Will Lupardus,Paul Howard,Lee Anne Davis

Director(s): Janine Gosselin


Year: 2008

Rating: R

Heather, a beautiful writer moves to Laurel Canyon not only for the peacefulness of it all but to avoid running into her ex-husband all the time as he is a writer too. But she soon finds out that things all not always what they seem when she meets an attractive couple.Marisa and Daniel a love triangle ensues. But after awhile Marisa disappears and Heather begins to wonder if the man she is falling for is for real or is instead a cold blooded killer.

This movie took me back to the 90's, the big time for erotic thrillers such as "Night Eyes". So if you remember those films you might not find anything new here but if you were a fan of the adult thrillers well then you are going to want to pick this title up. The cast of unknowns did a fine job portraying their roles and were very believable, there was a few weak links as far as the acting goes but over-all it was very good. The production values were also impressive considering the budget here, the camera work was all very well done. The film has no real surprises in it but there is a few twists and turns along the way to keep you interested and the ending was much better than I thought it would be which was a pleasant surprise. This will never win any major awards but for fan's of the genre it has it's own in some very attractive people and a nice story of deception with some good twists along the way. Released by Maverick Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****