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California Dreaming

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Cast: Dave Foley,Lea Thompson,Vicki Lewis,Ethan Phillips, Patricia Richardson

Director(s): Linda Voorhees


Year: 2007

Rating: PG

Stu and Ginger Gainor have two children, have their own home in Omaha and both have successful jobs, but what seems like a perfect life is really a family in need of some work. When they decide to buy an RV and cruise out to sunny California a series of misadventures forces them to look at what's really important in life,family.

After watching this film I do not see where all the bad reviews came from nor do I agree with them. Similar to movies like "RV" and "National Lampoon's Vacation" this film is about one family that decide to go on a long road trip but can't seem to make it out of Omaha due to several mishaps along the way. I'm sure that over-all the previous films I mentioned had more laughs in them but California got something on them as well, it's got characters that we can all relate to, these character come off as real people and that's what gives this film the advantage over others like it. There's also some good laughs along the way but it does send a good message as well which makes it one family friendly film and we all know there's never enough of those. The cast is a bonus as well including Dave Foley,Lea Thompson,Vicki Lewis,Ethan Phillips and Patricia Richardson, the two child actors give good performances as well and the entire cast have great chemistry together. If your looking for a comedy you could find funnier movies I'm sure but if your looking for one the entire family can sit down to and laugh together then I recommend you picking up California Dreaming. Released by MTI Home Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****