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Forget About It

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Cast: Burt Reynolds,Charles Durning,Michael Paloma,Robert Loggia

Producer(s):BJ Davis,Anthony Falco,Kimberley Kates,Michael Manasseri,John D. Schofield

Director(s): BJ Davis


Year: 2006

Rating: PG-13

Sam,Carl and Eddie are three retired war vets living out the rest of their lives in a trailer park just outside Arizona. The highlight of their day is checking out their Chrissy DeLee, a neighbor and ex vegas showgirl. But things are about to get when they find a suitcase full of money, problem is they begin spending it like crazy which attracts the attention of both the FBI and the mafia who wants their money back.

There's not a lot new or original here but for what the film offers it delivers pretty well. Fan's of films like "Grumpy Old Men" or "Tough Guys" are going to want to pick this title up. The cast alone makes this irresistible, you have Burt Reynolds,Charles Durning,Michael Paloma and Robert Loggia, not to mention even Phyllis Diller makes an appearance in the film. The film has some very funny scenes and watching these veteran actors is believe it not...refreshing. The film had a limited run in select theaters in October, that's ashame cause I think it should of gotten more of a push because it deserves more of an audience. Well one good thing is you can own this entertaining film on DVD today. I know that if given the chance you will enjoy comedy as much as I did. I for one would like to see a lot of the older actors working a bit more, this is an example of how much class that a cast like this can bring to a movie..highly recommended. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. **** Out Of *****