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Redemption of The Ghost

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Cast: John Savage,Diane Ladd,Alexandra Paul,Rachel Hunter and Gene Bicknell,Scott Terra,Nicolette Little

Producer(s):Thomas A. Walsh,Lesli A. Masoner,Darrel Campbell

Director(s): Richard Friedman


Year: 2002

Rating: NR

Young Jack and Cassie are trying to adjust to life without their dad who was killed in the line of duty. Living on a farm with their mom and aunt. One day while the two are out playing a convicted embezzler Witt Hampton who escaped from prison spots the two young kids and follows them home, hiding out in their barn. When young Cassie spots Witt he tells her he's a ghost and asks the kids not to tell anyone else about him. The three build a relationship that soon changes Witt's look on life and gives him a second chance to make things right.

Ghost is a film about second chances, having the chance to make things right in your after the things you did wrong. I am sure there's times when you wish you might have made a different decision or two. The film is sweet and charming and will appeal to the entire family. The cast is wonderful which includes, John Savage,Diane Ladd,Alexandra Paul,Rachel Hunter and Gene Bicknell who not only stars as Witt but also wrote the screenplay. Also lets not forget about the two children who are played by Scott Terra and Nicolette Little, it's these two child actors that are the glue that holds this film together and they did a terrific job. The ending could maybe of been a little different but over-all it was good and fit in with the rest of the film tying up a few loose ends as well. Family films are too far between nowadays so it's nice when you can sit down with the entire family and watch something together without having to worry about adult content, Redemption is a film that allows the family to enjoy it together and there's even a few lessons to learn from this as well. I recommend this film to anyone that has a love for movies,like myself. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****