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Cast: Sung Kang,Kelly Hu,Russell Wong

Producer(s):Catherine Park,George,George Huey,Sung Kang,Eric Kim,Karin Chien

Director(s): Chris Chan Lee


Year: 2006

Rating: N/A

After a mysterious year-long absence, Sam returns to Los Angeles determined to find redemption for his past. He soon becomes intertwined with his old mentor DON, a retired gangster and VERA, the lover he abandoned. As he tries to balance revenge with reconciliation he is drawn back into the shadowy world he left behind. A world of impossible desires, loneliness and isolation. Can Sam undo his mistakes before losing all that he came back to save?

This is one of those film's that has a lot going on, maybe too much at times so I do not think this will be a movie for just anyone. A film Noir that is loaded with plot twists, characters and just enough action to keep a fan of film interested but not many mainstream viewers will appreciate it. Director Chris Chan Lee for the most part does a great job at keeping the script together, remember I said there's a lot to absorb here. One thing if anything I thought could of at least been tamed down some was his use of color filters, they can really add style to a film like this but over doing it just makes it annoying at best and the filters were used a bit too much. The story is classic Noir, a man looking for redemption gets drawn into an even bigger mess while trying to find out who was responsible for his friends death. The film sports a talented cast that includes Sung Kang,Kelly Hu and Russell Wong to name a few. Undoing is a film that demands your attention but for those willing to take the ride it does pay off in the end. If your looking for a mainstream, guns blazing action flick I suggest you look elsewhere but if you looking for a film that is both cleaver and intelligent with characters you can relate to then Undoing is a movie to add to your wish list and rent when it's released to DVD. A film that reminds you why you love cinema so much. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****