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The Rival

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Thriller NR. When Alice (Tracey Nelson), a deeply disturbed woman fighting to overcome her dark childhood, is shot in a robbery, she loses the only thing she's ever really wanted. the baby she carries in her womb. Fearing she'll never be a mother, she focuses on opening a boutique for infant clothes and tries to put her life back together. But Alice's fears about a child are finally laid to rest when she marries the man of her dreams GEORGE MILLER (Linden Ashby). With the help of her therapist GILDA ZELLER, and the support of her husband, Alice decides that her desire to be a mother may be realized after all. George and Alice find JENNIFER, a beautiful young woman who is willing to be their surrogate. Alice's fear of losing a second baby, however, is the cause of one request: Alice wants the surrogate to live with them during the pregnancy. Even though it's odd, Jennifer and her daughter SARA have hit hard times and the prospect of living in George and Alice's home is appealing. To Alice's delight, Jennifer agrees. and she and Sara move in. But that's when everything begins to change. Alice notices that George and Jennifer hit it off. a little too well. Soon, Alice's need to have the surrogate close by becomes overshadowed with her jealousy of Jennifer. Her dreams begin to reflect the stress, taking Alice back into her dark past. a place she refused to ever visit again. Combined with the predictions of her bitter, old AUNT ESTELLE that George will eventually run off with Jennifer-the true mother of his baby-Alice finds herself beginning to believe that in trying to fulfill her dream, she may have to endure her worst nightmare. As Alice is pulled toward the edge of sanity, the secrets of her horrific past rear their ugly heads and Alice is forced to hold on to the one thing she's wanted. the baby. Even if it means murdering anyone who gets in her way. This made for television movie has it's flaws but for the most part with it's brisk pacing and excellent acting this is a thriller any fan should enjoy. Tracy Nelson really brings her character to life and you are convinced this woman is truly mad which is proof of Tracy's acting ability. The supporting cast is also very good but its the suspense and the film's terrific pace and acting that carry this past your normal made-for-tv movie. If your a fan of the genre I recommend you give this one a look as it's an entertaining film in all aspects. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****