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Curse of The Zodiac

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Crime/Thriller Rated R. Follow the trail of the Zodiac Killer, a mysterious figure who carried out a series of brutal murders in the 1960s and '70s in San Francisco. By taunting the police department with encrypted messages sent in letters and greeting cards, the killer gained notoriety and placed the public in a state of terror. Horror film director Ulli Lommel provides plenty of chills in this movie inspired by true events. Director Ulli Lommel last few film's have not been very good so I wasn't expecting much which this title either and in many ways it's like the others with it's stranger editing but at least this one had a story you could follow and some real acting in it as well. I still cannot figure out if Ulli wants to stay clear of doing mainstream films and going with the more "artsy" feel but I think his movies would fair much better if he took the more mainstream road with em as he is picking some interesting projects. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. ** Out Of *****