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Cut'n It Up Chicago

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Cast: Rodney Perry, Alex Thomas, Sonja D, Lil' Rel, Marcus Combs, Shang and Pierre

Director(s): Mark Harris


Year: 2008

Rating: R

This is the first in I hope many of these "Cut'n It Up" series. Some of the best up and coming young Urban talent are featured across North America, this special takes Chicago by storm. Actor/comedian Alex Thomas hosts this 110 minute long show, he also gets his time to shine on stage as well but with all the great talent here I cannot say he was best. One of the highlight's of this show is Rodney Perry and when he's on stage there's no one or anything safe. There's plenty of talent here but what makes it even better is that you get a wide range of styles so with each performer the show stays fresh, the laughter comes from maybe areas including sex,hip-hop,and even politics. Primarily this is an Urban special but the humor translate to anyone, so fan's of comedy or stand-up will want to own this DVD. Cut'n It Up Chicago is an uncensored, no-holds-bar, laugh fest that will have you rolling on the floor in tears of laughter. Original, funny and in-your-face, pick this highly entertaining special up today. Released on Feb 5, 2008 by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****