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Stone and Ed

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Cast: Travis Wester,Ian Reed,Kesler Schwartz,Mircea Monroe,Jullian Dulce Vida

Producer(s):David Tal,Dave Hellman,Fred Fontana

Director(s): Adam Meyerowitz


Year: 2008

Rating: N/A

It's just another hazy day for STONE and his brother ED until they unwittingly discover they may not be brothers after all! With the help of their techno-savvy neighbors JEFF and PHILLIP GUY, "The Guys," Stone and Ed set out on a quest to find Stone's mother, JANE DOE. After the first two Jane Does on their list don't turn out to be the one, the two less than genius brothers make their way to Mexico, and to the last Jane on the list. Along the way, this wacky duo encounters a cast of zany characters and one, out of this world adventure. By the time its all over Stone & Ed will have found their way into the middle of a dangerous game of cat and mouse between Mexico's largest drug lord, SENOR GORDO, and the CIA's most incompetent agents to ever leave Langley; THE MAN IN THE YELLOW HAT and his little partner, CURIOUS JORGE. Between mistaken identities of cases, and cases of mistaken identities, Stone & Ed are in for the trip of their lives.

Fan's of comedies like "Dumb and Dumber" should kick as much a kick out of this film as I need. Sure it's on a much smaller scale in both the production and actors but let's rate this film for what it is and not try to compare. The cast is very good, each actor is hilarious in their roles, mainly the two leads, Travis Wester and Ian Reed Kesler and very funny and play off of each other very well. Mircea Monroe is simply beautiful as well as talented and she lights up the screen each time she appears. Stone and Ed i an adventure film of sorts so you could compare this to many others in the genre but for a low budget film I have to get all involved a lot of credit, you can tell the really poured their heart into something they believed in and it translates off the screen to highly entertaining film. I was laughing the whole time and when it was over it left me wanting more. A terrific job and I look forward to seeing more work Director Adam Meyerowitz in the future, he really has an eye for hilarious comedy. Stone and Ed played at the 2007 San Diego Film Festival to very good reviews and after seeing it I would have to agree that this young group of talent is headed in the right direction. Released by Maverick Entertainment. **** Out Of *****