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Beyond The Ring

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Cast: André Lima,Martin Kove,Gary Busey

Producer(s):Christianny Lima

Director(s): Gerson Sanginitto

Action / Drama / Family / Sport

Year: 2008

Rating: PG-13

Based on a true story about a retired fighter named Andre who gets back into the ring for a chance to win a $300,000 prize for his daughter's life saving tumor operation.

Beyond the Ring might be flawed in some ways like a story-line that been done too many times to mention but call me crazy there's something about this movie that I really liked. Sure the story is old and the fights are few but the plot is paced well enough and the acting good enough to make it for the most part very believable. Martial Arts expert André Lima plays Andre, a dad willing to do anything to save the life of his little girl. For not being much of an actor I think André did a great job and for that matter the entire cast was excellent which helped make what could of been just another low budget film into something that I felt good about watching when it was over. Some of the fight scenes were very good while others were not but they are just a sideshow for the real story here and as a drama this is a pretty solid release into a genre that has certainly been over done in years past. Another bonus is this is a film the whole family can watch together as it has something for everyone in it. Also on a side note how can you not love a film with Gary Busey in it:). I got to give this credit for rising above it's flaws and being a film with charm and lots of heart. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****