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Cast: Sam Rockwell,Vera Farmiga,Celia Weston,Jacob Kogan

Producer(s):Johnathan Dorfman

Director(s): George Ratliff


Year: 2007

Rating: R

The arrival of a newborn girl causes the gradual disintegration of the Cairn family; particularly for 9-year-old Joshua (Kogan), an eccentric boy whose proper upbringing and refined tastes both take a sinister turn.

One thing I hope people don't make the mistake of is comparing this film to the "Omen" the child in that film was a offspring of the devil himself where Joshua is a normal child, of sorts anyway that begins to feel threatened when a new member of the family is coming. Joshua has a lot going for it, there's no need for blood and gore to get the viewer scared here, instead it builds in tension off of it's amazing cinematography and it's strong performances. Joshua like many other horror/thrillers like it depend on it's cast to deliver and here they hit it out of the ball park. Jacob Kogan really delivers as they young boy, his stare cuts you like a knife, for his age this kid has amazing acting talent. Vera Farmiga is also fantastic as the mom suffering from post depression and lives each moment on the edge as her nerviness builds, this is perfect for young Joshua as he seems to build off of this as well as feed from it and uses it against her and Sam Rockwell is excellent as always as the dad. Joshua is a dark and creepy film that slowly builds it's tension, a character driven psychological horror that grabs a hold of you and never lets go. The Joshua DVD features commentary by writer/director George Ratliff and writer David Gilbert, extensive cast and crew interviews and deleted scenes, plus the never-before-seen, DVD exclusive of Dave Matthews music video for his song “Fly”. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****