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Cast: Cliff Curtis,Chipo Chung,Cillian Murphy,Michelle Yeoh

Producer(s):Andrew Macdonald

Director(s): Danny Boyle

Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Year: 2007

Rating: R

50 years into the future,the Sun is being destroyed from inside out by a type of highly stable form of matter that renders nuclear fusion impossible, by turning common matter on its own kind. The only hope is to send a team of astronauts to detonate a massive, highly energetic bomb, able to destroy this strange matter and restore Sun's natural state. Director Danny Boyle put new life into the zombie genre with his film "28 Days Later" and now he's done it to the sci-fi genre as well will his latest film "Sunshine". Sunshine wastes no time getting right into the story, as the film opens the crew of 8 are already on their way to try and save mankind and look for another ship that was sent o do the same but never was heard from again. This film is simply breath-taking to look at, from the production design, costumes, the sound design and the music there's times when I sat back and just went "wow". Sadly I did not have the chance to see this in theaters but I am sure it made for an incredible cinematic experience for those that were lucky enough to see it. The cast was fantastic, the film does not really have a major lead actor which I felt was a bonus as it helped create the mood and it keeps you guessing as who may or may not make it back alive. Actor Chris Evans as excellent and it was nice to see Michelle Yeoh in a different kind of role from her butt-kicking Asian film's. If you looking for a sci-fi film with aliens running around and lots of action and gun-play look elsewhere cause this is not it. But if your looking for a film that delivers a true science fiction story filled with great tension, an amazing story and some of the best cinematography you have seen in years then own this DVD today. Sunshine is a film you want to watch several times over and tell your friends about as well.The DVD comes packed with bonus features that include:

Audio Commentary By Director Danny Boyle

Deleted Scenes With Commentary By Danny Boyle, Including:

Playing Chess

It Really Takes It Out Of You

Washing Carrots In The Oxygen Garden

Coolant Redirection



Demolished Oxygen Garden

Searle Meets Capa

In Deeper Space Than We Are

Prepping For Docking

Rough Docking Procedure

Fight And Then We Die

Alternate Ending

Web Production Diaries

Danny Boyle Introduction

Zero G Flight

Cillian Murphy

Pre Viz

Science Of The Sun


Troy Garity Harvey Introduction

Voice Of Icarus

Michelle And O2 Garden

Anita Screens

Alwin Kuchler

Cliff Curtis

Bumps And Stunts


The Science Of Space Travel Physiology

Space Suit

Rose Intro

Love Letters

Chris Evans


Big Bangs

The Science Of Sun Death

Short Films

Dadís Dead Directed By Chris Shepherd

Mole Hills Directed By Dan Arnold

Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****