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Death Sentence Unrated

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Cast: Kevin Bacon,Garrett Hedlund,Kelly Preston,Jordan Garrett,Stuart Lafferty,Aisha Tyler,John Goodman

Producer(s):Ashok Amritraj,Howard Baldwin,Karen Elise Baldwin

Director(s): James Wan

Action / Drama / Thriller

Year: 2007

Rating: R/Unrated

Nick Hume seemed to have the perfect life, a good job, a beautiful wife and two wondering kids, that is until one night coming home with his one son from his hockey game they decide to stop for something to drink. But a gang enters the store as well with out looks like a robbery but soon it's revealed that a new member must kill someone to be in the gang and Nick's son is the innocent victim. Nick gets to see the one responsible but his lawyer tells him it's best to get a plead bargain from it so the young man serves 3-5 years in prison, but Nick has been sent over the edge and is willing to do anything to protect his family. Kevin Bacon has grown as an actor over the years and has been in some Oscar worthy roles but in Death Sentence he leaves those behind to play a dad turned vigilante and he again gives a powerful performance. The film itself doesn't have a complicated plot, it's more a popcorn film but it delivers on what it promises...action and excessive violence. Young Director,James Wan, who directed "Saw" continues his fearless approach to making a violent movie that has no boundaries and one that I don't think many other directors would tackle. This is an in your face thriller that shows a man pushed to the limit and it shows it with no remorse. The supporting cast is all terrific as well but the stand-out was John Goodman who plays the dad of the gang leader and a drug and gun dealer himself. This is a different role for him but he really chews it up. Sure some will say this is just a film with senseless violence in it but I would have to disagree. The first half of the film portrays Nick as a normal guy, one to avoid violence but when his son is murdered and the courts do not want to do their job he takes matters into his own hands. Sure there's scenes that seem unbelievable but it is a only a movie, and a highly entertaining one as well. If your looking for something tame with a deep plot look elsewhere but if your looking for something to get your blood flowing and one that takes you back to the days of movies which as "Death Wish" then own this DVD today. The DVD comes out it both the theatrical release and the unrated version(which offers 10 additional minutes), as well as two making-of featurettes that originally aired on the Fox Movie Channel, and several webisodes that focus on director Wan, his cast, and the film's elaborate stunts and fight scenes. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****