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Maximum Cage Fighting

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Cast: Jason Field,Renzo Gracie,Chris Torres

Producer(s):Gerson Sanginitto,Joanna Chong

Director(s): Gerson Sanginitto


Year: 2006

Rating: NR

Jimmy Garren is a former Tae Kwon Do champion but since the death of his wife he has since retired and is raising his ten-year-old daughter Katie. But his past is about to catch up with him as he is challenged to a battle in the cage match from a former rival. When Jimmy refuses to fight they kidnap his daughter and force him to, so Jimmy travels to Brazil to train with world-renowned MMA fighter Renzo Gracie.

MMA fan's will rejoice over Renzo Gracie being in his first feature film. Plot wise the film is nothing original, we have seen this story before numerous times so they have to rely on the acting and the fights to make this entertaining and for a cast of mostly non-actors they do a pretty good job at doing so. The cast does a good job for what they have to work with here, the main leads are all average to above average and for the most part their characters are believable. But the real reason we watch movies like this is for the action and on that side of sides they do not disappoint. The film is filled in nicely with either training or fighting that keeps the film moving at a brisk pace. The fights are well done, especially the final cage match that will really keep fan's of the sport glued to their seat. The plot stays focused on what it's goal is and doesn't let subplot's interfere or take to film out of it's rhythm. What you see is what you get with Maximum Cage Fighting packs a punch and it delivers nicely on what it promises. If you like action you can't go wrong with picking this title up today. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****