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Cleopatra's Second Husband

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Cast: Paul Hipp,Bitty Schram,Boyd Kestner,Radha Mitchell,Alexis Arquette

Producer(s):Jon Reiss,David Rubin,Jill Goldman,Jacqui De La Fontaine

Director(s): Jon Reiss


Year: 1998

Rating: R

Robert is an art photographer who is totally controlled by his wife Hallie. When they go on vacation in New York, they leave their house to their friends, Zack and Sophie. When they return, they find their house a total mess, but Zack and Sophie ask to stay a little longer, and they agree.

This is one of those dark, disturbing film's that eats away at you as you sit there wondering what will happen next. I refuse to give a lot of the plot away here as this is a film that is most effective if seen and not told about but on the other hand this is not a film for everyone either. Director Jon Reiss who also wrote the film shows a great eye for making this type of film dealing with strong human relations, I give him a lot of credit for taking on this project as I do not think many directors would have done such a subject matter. Cleopatra's Second Husband is the type of film that receives good reviews but is not an easy film to catch because it doesn't have that mainstream feel to it, but as far as drama goes this is about an effective film you are going to find. The cast is brilliant, I have always been a fan of Radha Mitchell and she does not disappoint here. I recommend this to anyone that is looking for something away from the mainstream movies, a film that makes you think and one that effects you long after it's over. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****