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Womb Raider: Special Edition

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Cast: Lauren Hays,Antoinette Abbott,Annie Body

Producer(s):Randolph Scott,Christopher St. James,Roland Lanza

Director(s): Randolph Scott

Erotic Adventure

Year: 2003

Rating: Unrated

Cara Loft is asked by the evil Dr.Scrotus, who claims to know details about the death of Cara's father, to obtain 3 priceless artifacts. Cara goes on the search for these in the Arabian desert, the jungle of Africa and in a Tibetan temple but there's danger at every turn, as the deadly spy Natasha is hot on her heels.

This is not the first softcore/spoof film ever made and I am sure it will not be the last cause there's a market for this type of movie. So is this any good? Well for starters it is a low-budget film has rating it as one I have to say it manages to be a very entertaining film in many ways. The Director made good use of locations in the film which for this type of adventure film was very important. The acting is not going to win any major awards but for the most part is above average and the editing is seamless, the cuts from one scene to another are done very well. Also the music for the film seemed to fit perfectly which again helped in the viewing experience. So what you got here is a sexy, fun film that has enough action,humor and nude women to keep any man happy for the duration. Actress Lauren Hays, fits the role of Carla Loft perfectly, she is both sexy and tough as nails. Womb Raider does what it sets out to do and it doe well, not for everyone but for those looking for something away from mainstream and more into the adult genre will want to check this film. I was never bored but with all the exotic sets and beautiful women how could I have been. The Special Edition DVD comes with the bonus features that include:

A trailer for "the Girl Next Door" plays at the start of the DVD, it CAN'T be skipped over; Behind the scenes featurette; gallery of production shots; a promo trailer for this film; & trailers for "On-Line", "Gory Gory Hellelujah", "Wasabi Tuna", and "Always Say Goodbye"

Released by Indican Pictures. *** 1/2 Out Of *****