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The Cry: La Llorona

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Cast: Adriana Domínguez,Christian Camargo,Carlos Leon

Producer(s)Laura Blum,Juan Dapena,Javier Ramirez Sandoval,Bernadine Santistevan

Director(s): Bernadine Santistevan


Year: 2007

Rating: N/A

The Urban Legend of La Llorona aka The Crying Woman is that a woman named Maria had several children and because of that she was afraid of losing the man in her life so she drowned all the children but the man left her because of it so she took her own life only to to stuck on earth wandering, trying to find her children and killing any in her path. Now she has found the child, reincarnated, will the boy's mom be able to save him with help from a Detective?

The Cry is part mystery,thriller and horror all wrapped up into a intense, edge of your seat thrill ride that never lets up till the very last frame. I would have to guess this film was made on a limited budget but by looking at it you could never tell, technically the film is solid in all aspects, the camera work is terrific and really helps sets the mood. The flashback scenes in the film not only help the viewer understand what has happened but adds a over-all feel of dread that gets under your skin. Th story opens as there is now either 9 children missing or found dead in NY, Detective Alex Scott and his partner Sergio Perez are on the case but Alex has a past too that is coming back to haunt him and he feels it's related to the missing children. There's also a woman, Maria, that has a little boy as well but she also has these visions of the missing boys and feels something or someone is after her child as well and the lives of Maria and Detective Alex Scott are about to intertwine. The film goes on from there but to say too much about the movie will spoil it for all you that want to see it. The acting is riveting, you believe what each character says and done and can relate to all of as well as feel for them. I felt this is more a thriller than a horror film but it's a thriller that pulls the audience in, your holding on to something the whole time, gasping for air as each scene gets you closer to the final climax. The film has a short runtime at 1 hour 15 minutes but it does not waste anytime with unnecessary sub-plots, it gets right to the point from the opening frame and sticks to it with a great pace but still manages to add the background scenes in just the right spots to keep you from wondering why this or that is happening.The Cry is a haunting film that grabs hold, pulls you under and never lets you up to breath. Highly recommend, great film-making that will have you talking about long after it's over. Released by Monterey Media. ***** Out of *****