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Cast: Joel Moore,Amber Tamblyn,Zachary Levi,Tricia Helfer

Producer(s):Jeremy Danial Boreing,Cory Neal

Director(s): Adam Green and Joel Moore


Year: 2007

Rating: NR

Mason is a telephone salesman but suffers from delusional behavior, he has extreme anxiety and confusion and disturbing visions of his ex-girlfriend. The only friend Mason has is his boss, Berkeley, who knows Mason's past and tries to help him the best he can. One day at work Mason meets Amber, a new co-worker and she seems to do Mason some good by encouraging his artistic talent. But his disturbed feeling are always at the surface and as time wears on they once again begin to show.

Spiral is a tense psychological thriller that hits on all cylinders. I don't remember seeing many films recently that I can say were perfect in all aspects of film-making, that is until I watched Spiral. The cast is perfect, Joel Moore(who co-directed and co-wrote the film as well) is most believable as Mason, his delusional character is really something to see. Amber Tamblyn as Amber is nothing short of amazing, this young,beautiful actress lights up the screen every time she is on it and her acting is flawless,I see an Oscar it her future for sure. The cinematography really helps to set the mood and being filmed in Portland which seemed to have a lot of rain really helped to create the atmosphere. Another part of the filming was the disturbing vision's Mason has, they really help put you inside the mind of this young man and feel the turmoil that is going on inside his head. After seeing the trailer for Spiral I knew it was much different than Adam Green's "Hatchet",which itself was great as far as the slasher genre goes but Spiral is many steps above it. The film moves slowly, building the tension as it goes along, you cling to the edge of your seat waiting for what's coming next and the end has not one but two twists...this is a perfect ending for an intense thriller that would make Hitchcock proud. Spiral will get a theatrical run in 2008 from Anchor Bay, so catch this amazing film in theaters it's a thriller that big Hollywood Studios can only wish of making. ***** Out Of *****