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Cast: Brenda Strong,Gia Carides,Lumi Cavazos,Tate Donovan

Producer(s): Misti Barnes,Sandra Cruze,Eve Elting,Joseph M. Smith

Director(s): Misti Barnes


Year: 2003

Rating: R

A gossip show tries to uncover dirt on a trio of female TV personalities. As host of "Probe," Bob Smith (Tate Donovan) is used to digging up scandals. But truth melds with fiction when he sets out to expose three nominees for the Women of Distinction Award: Martha Stewart wannabe Susan Andrews (Brenda Strong), cheeky Brit Jade Blake (Gia Carides) and morning show host Laura Silvera (Lumi Cavazos).

Exposed, is well written,Witty and satirical Independent film about women in the spotlight and how the deal with it,mainly with the media. Tate Donovan is perfect as the sleazy tabloid reporter trying to dig up dirt on these three ladies. A satire at heart but the film still has it's tender and realistic moments, like the character of Susan played by Brenda Strong(Desperate Housewives. She plays a Martha Stewart type that has let her work take over her life to the point where she cannot even communicate with her husband and son anymore. It's moments and characters like this that make this film stand out the most. But at it's core Exposed is a comedy and a clever and original one with it's documentary style that Director Misti Barnes uses. Well written, this satire brings out the serious side of competition and displays it in the world of television, I'm sure a lot of what goes on here really does happen in a business where everyone struggles to get to the top. So if your looking for something different or enough shows like "Desperate Housewives" that contain that dark humor then you will certainly enjoy this movie as well. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****