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Cast: Danica McKellar,William Forsythe,Sean Kanan,Lochlyn Munro,Burt Young

Producer(s): Mike Wittlin,Sean Kanan,Brian Hartman

Director(s): Matt Flynn


Year: 2007

Rating: R

A handful of college kids wanting to earn extra credit towards their grades are selected for a field trip to study wildlife, but what they don't know is their host and his wife are horror fanatics and have set up a plan to make their own horror film with the students as their victims.

You gotta love a horror film that doesn't take itself seriously, Hack is one of those film's. It uses homages,references and "rip-offs" maybe of the films we all love but it's all in the name of good entertainment and I found this to be a highly enjoyable film. This is a horror film for sure, there's severed limbs among many other gruesome killings but the film is also light and humorous at times which I thought added to the over-all enjoyment of the film. For a low-budget film technically the film looks great and you would never know that this was made on limited funds. There's very little use of cgi, mainly the killing scenes are done with make-up and are very impressive. The cast including Danica McKellar,Burt Young and William Forsythe are all excellent and really seemed like they had a good time making this film. I got to hand it to Writer/Director Matt Flynn for making a film that is not only fun to watch but he deserves credit for making a film look much bigger than it should have. Good humor,some awesome killings and some hot women, what more can a fan ask for in a horror film. Great stuff, pick this DVD up today. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. **** Out Of *****